Troubleshooting Training

Let's work together and problem solve common issues that may be occurring for you and your dog.

Class Difficulty Levels

Green Circle

These classes are the easiest and perfect for beginners or dogs looking to learn new skills. No prerequisites are required to join any green circle classes.

Blue Square

Intermediate classes are perfect for the dog who knows the basics but are looking to advance their skills. Some prerequisites may be required.

Black Diamond

The most advanced courses offered. High level of proficiency is required to enter a black diamond class.

Troubleshooting Classes

TS101: Troubleshooting

TS101: Troubleshooting

Does your dog lack exposure or react to different dogs, situations or people? Can your dog become nervous with grooming or vet procedures? Does your dog lack focus in a group class or in general as you navigate through everyday activities? Then Troubleshooting is for you and your dog!

Class Difficulty: Green Circle
Class Length: 60 Minutes