Moderate Coat De-Shed and Tidy

The De-Shed and Tidy for Moderate Coated Dogs is designed for our friends with natural coats with some furnishings. This package shapes and tidies dogs medium length coats to perfection.

The De-Shed and Tidy for Moderate Coat begins with our trademark maintenance services:

  • Deep cleansing shampoo
  • Moisturizing conditioner

  • Hand blow dry

  • Complete brush out

  • Perfect comb through

  • Dead coat removal to reduce shedding

  • Ear cleaning

  • Signature pawdicure

  • Pad clipping and moisturization

  • Sanitary clipper tidy

  • Cologne

  • Finishing touches

  • Wellness Check

  • Report card

A highly skilled stylist will use multiple specialized tools and techniques to detangle and remove dead coat during our unique deshedding process. Then, we will complete as much as as little scissor work as the pet parent prefers to shape the feet, pasterns, hocks, underline, furnishings, pants, face, head and/or ears.

Tiny 0 – 8 lbs: $70

Small 9 – 25 lbs: $85
Medium 26 – 45 lbs: $120

Large 46 – 75 lbs: $140
Extra Large 76 – 100 lbs: $155

Giant 101+ lbs: $170

Additional Grooming Services

Tooth Brushing $10
Blueberry Facial $10
Ear Plucking $10
Limo $5 + $2 per km
Dematting Extra Time: $20 per 15 minutes
Special Handling Extra Time: $20 per 15 minutes
Hand Stripping Extra Time: $20 per 15 minutes
Tick Removal: $10+ $2 per additional tick
Skunk Extra Bath: $25
Flea or Lice Extra Bath: $25
Medicated Extra Bath: $25

Nail Polish:
Single Colour: $25
Fancy: $35

Ears or Tail: $25
Full Body: $50+ by quote
Fancy: $100+ by quote
Stencilling: $20

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