The Pawsh Dog

Winnipeg's Premier Doggy Daycare, Grooming Salon, Hotel & Training Academy

He is pampered from head to tail with the finest grooming products on the market, knows the best tricks on the block, and always has the latest toy.

He roams the dog parks with confidence that his hair-do is up to date, and that his duds are the envy of the neighbourhood. He is polite, and well mannered. A tribute to the gentle dog training and attention of his owner. He attends star-studded doggy events, keeps regular play-dates, and lunches with the friends he met back at doggy daycamp.

Everything Your Dog Needs, With A Human Touch

From doggie daycare and salon services to canine sports medicine and comfy hotel suites, The Pawsh Dog is your dog’s home away from home and destination for grooming, training and wellness.

Pawsh Daycamp

Winnipeg pups meet their peers at The Pawsh Dog Daycamp. Here, your dog will enjoy a good game of tug-o-war and romp with new and old canine companions.

Pawsh Salon

Dogs like to look and feel their best. A pampering day at The Pawsh Dog, Winnipeg’s premier dog grooming salon, will give your dog just that.

Pawsh Hotel

The Pawsh Dog Hotel takes special care of its canine guests. Your dog will enjoy daily walks, cage-free sleeping and daytime play with other pups!

Pawsh Academy

We offer dog-obedience classes. Your pup will learn problem solving through behaviour modification, positive reinforcement and confidence building.

Puppy Passport

If you and your new friend are looking for puppy training in Winnipeg, The Pawsh Puppy Passport is unlike any other puppy training programs. Training a well mannered dog goes far beyond simple sit, stay and lay down commands. A well mannered dog is a dog that has a great temperament towards bathing, feeding, and socialization with other dogs and people.

Academy All Access Pass

Unlimited training modules from our professional dog trainers for your dog four months and older. With three difficulty levels, green circle, blue square, and black diamond enroll your dog in the right classes for them. Courses include practice on basic training, nose work, tricks, rally, swimming and much more. Enjoy the flexibility of scheduling the classes you want based on your availability.

Activities & Class Schedules

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"Absolutely love The Pawsh Dog on Taylor. Customer care is fantastic and my dog always comes out looking so fabulous!"

- Sabrina

"Have taken both my dogs here for puppy training. They are a clean and friendly facility that not only loves but adores dogs."

- Jennifer

"Sarah groomed my dog today and did a phenomenal job. I couldn’t believe the improvement in his coat and look."

- Melanie

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