The Pawsh Dog Hydrotherapy

Just like humans, low impact hydrotherapy is essential for rehabilitation from injury and treatment for mobility related conditions with dogs.

Exercising in a non weight bearing environment of the pool, or the controlled low weight bearing environment of the underwater treadmill allows an animal to relieve pressure on sensitive joints or injured tissues, reducing pain and encouraging increased range of movement, 360 degree resistance training, and excellent cardiovascular conditioning.

In fact, canine hydrotherapy is rapidly becoming the preferred treatment for mobility issues, age related conditions and post surgical rehabilitation around the world.

Hydrotherapy at The Wellness Centre is used both for fun and fitness, as well as for specialized rehabilitation treatments.

We work to aid in post-surgery rehabilitation or for conservative management of conditions including: Arthritis, Cruciate ligament rupture, Degenerative myelopathy (DM), Elbow dysplasia, Hip dysplasia, age related mobility problems, Obesity control, Patella luxation, Spinal injuries including fractures and disk ruptures, and Spondylosis.

Hydrotherapy Pricing

With Hydrotherapist

Pool or Underwater Treadmill
Initial Consult – 45 Minutes – $59
60 Minute Pool or UWT Session – $65
45 Minute Pool or UWT Session – $49
30 Minute Pool or UWT Session – $34
15 Minute UWT Session – $30

Self Serve

* New self serve clients must book an initial consult with a hydrotherapist.  Once both the dog and owner demonstrate proficiency in the pool and all facility protocols the hydrotherapist will clear the team for self service.
60 Minutes – $45
45 Minutes – $34
30 Minutes – $24
15 Minutes – $20

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