The Pawsh Dog Puppy's First Groom

Puppy's first groom is a short and sweet introduction to the salon to promote a safe and stress free cooperative care grooming experience for life.

Short & Positive First Groom Experience

Our groomers know how important an early and positive introduction to grooming is for a puppy in order to set the puppy up for a safe and stress-free grooming experience for the rest of their life. 

The Puppy’s First Groom is specifically designed as a short-and-sweet introduction to grooming for the puppy without pushing a new baby too long or too hard to stand still for a full haircut.

Minimum Age:
In order to qualify for Puppy’s First Groom a puppy must be at least 10 weeks of age and meet The Pawsh Dog vaccine requirements.

Maximum Age:
The maximum age that a puppy can qualify for a Puppy’s First Groom is 6 months.

The Puppy's First Groom is a short-and-sweet service designed to introduce puppies to the grooming process. The services included are:

  • Signature pawdicure
  • Ear care
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hand blow dry
  • Brush out
  • Comb through
  • Pad clipping
  • Foot shaping
  • Sanitary trimming (groin clipped, bum scissor tidied)
  • Face and ear trimming

Puppy’s First Groom Is Complimentary For Eligible Puppies Under 6 Months of Age

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