Storm Kostyk

The Pawsh Dog Winnipeg - Senior stylist

Senior Stylist Regent

Storm started as a prep technician at The Pawsh Dog in 2019 and has worked her way up in the company with on the job training as well as outside education and is now a Senior Stylist. She has completed various training programs including TheDogGurus and PackPro, and is always looking for new ways to support her team here at The Pawsh Dog. Storm is currently working on her grooming certification. She is constantly looking to improve her grooming skills with new products, equipment, and training. 

One of Storm’s favourite part of grooming is getting the anxious dogs to feel comfortable and relaxed for their grooming. She loves to spend time knowing each dog and loves to see their owners reaction to her groom.

In her time away from the Pawsh Dog she enjoys spending time with her fiancé and her 2 dogs,  12 year old Bailey who is a Bugg and Bella who is a rescue – a mix of Greyhound Belgian Malinois mix that she believes to be about 5 years old.