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Frequently Asked Questions

Puppy Kindergarten is a puppy obedience training program designed to introduce puppies and their owners to beginner level obedience exercises as well as developing good life skills and addressing common problem puppy behaviour issues.

Puppy Kindergarten is structured as a set of six modules that can be taken in any order and repeated as often as you wish before your passport expires.

Puppy Kindergarten is structured as a set of six stand-alone modules.

These modules are A, B, C, D, E, and F

Each module is designed to be independent of the other modules. Therefore, the modules can be taken in any order. This ensures that as soon as your puppy is ready to begin classes you can get started right away without delay.

The Pawsh Dog’s Puppy Kindergarten program is included in the purchase our Puppy Passport.

Once you purchase your Puppy Passport there is no need to additionally register for Puppy Kindergarten.

Simply attend Academy Orientation and then begin attending Puppy Kindergarten modules as often as you like!

We recommend that you purchase your puppy passport as soon as you get your puppy!

Once you have your puppy passport you should attend Academy Orientation without your puppy so that you can prepare to start puppy kindergarten.

This way you can begin your puppy kindergarten modules as soon as your puppy turns 10 weeks old and has two sets of vaccines.

You should start attending puppy kindergarten modules as soon as your puppy has two sets of vaccinations, is at least ten weeks old, and is cleared by your vet to attend.

Please remember to attend an Academy Orientation first!

You can attend academy orientation without your puppy as soon as you purchase your puppy passport.

You and your puppy can begin attending puppy kindergarten modules as soon your puppy is at least 10 weeks of age and has two sets of vaccinations.

You and your puppy should begin the puppy kindergarten program between 10 weeks and 16 weeks of age in order to complete puppy kindergarten before they are six months of age.

Puppies over 16 weeks of age, who have not started attending puppy kindergarten, should consider registering for our All Access Pass instead but can still register for puppy kindergarten.

Puppies over six months of age are not eligible to attend puppy kindergarten. 

Your are welcome to attend as many puppy kindergarten modules as you wish for until your puppy turns six months old.  We recommend getting started as early as possible to get the best value from your passport. 


Puppies may start puppy kindergarten once they are 10 weeks of age, and then have until they turn six months of age to participate in our puppy programs. 

Puppies over six months of age may no longer attend puppy kindergarten.

Once you have purchased a puppy passport and attended academy orientation you can begin attending puppy kindergarten modules.

Class sizes are limited so please enroll online, over the phone, or in person to reserve your spot.

Please feel free to check out our Puppy Kindergarten calendar and start attending modules!

You need to attend each module at least once to graduate Puppy Kindergarten.

Bring your puppy passport with you to every puppy kindergarten module. Your instructor will ask to see it, and will stamp the appropriate Module to confirm your attendance and completion.

Show your puppy kindergarten instructor your puppy passport with a stamp on each module. Your instructor will issue you a certificate of graduation.

Yes. You may continue to attend unlimited puppy kindergarten modules until your puppy passport expires.

We strongly encourage you to attend as many modules as you are able to, and repeat your favorites several times. It’s great practice and socialization for your pup, and you will pick up more in depth tips and tricks as you become more confident with the content.

Yes. Your puppy passport entitles you to attend any and all puppy kindergarten modules up to and including your expiry date.

All of our puppy kindergarten module details are listed on the puppy kindergarten calendar on the puppy kindergarten page of our website.

The calendar is at the very bottom of the puppy kindergarten web page so scroll all the way down!

All puppies must attend class on a regular buckle or snap collar and a six foot leash. Harnesses are also allowed in puppy kindergarten.

No retractable leads, tightening collars, pinch collars, or collars or leads with any chain component are allowed.

Please bring about about a zillion high value, soft treats cut into tiny pieces. You will give our puppy a LOT of treats in class, so it is critical to ensure that your treats are TINY!

It’s also important that in class that soft, non-crumbly treats are used. If your treats crumble they will create crumbs on the floor which are distracting to your puppy and the other students in class.

If special circumstances have prevented you and your puppy from completing your puppy kindergarten graduation requirements you can apply for an extension by emailing clientcare@thepawshdog.com

Extensions are granted only under special circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

If your circumstance is approved you will be granted a two week extension to complete your missing puppy kindergarten modules only.

Under no circumstance will a puppy passport expiry date be extended beyond two weeks. The puppy program is designed and intended for puppies under six months of age.

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