Academy Orientation FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

Orientation runs every Monday from 8:00pm – 9:00pm at the Wellness Centre at 1580 Taylor Ave

If you are a new student to any of our group classes, you need to attend an orientation prior to your first class.

This usually includes puppy passport members, grade one students, or students for higher grades joining us from a different obedience school.

Returning students do not need to repeat orientation.

Private training students do not need to attend orientation unless their instructor asks them to.


We encourage any person in the household who is going to be regularly working with the dog to attend orientation.

Children are also welcome.  

Orientation is a classroom type environment where the instructor speaks and the students listen quietly, take notes, and ask questions. 

We recommend that you make alternate arrangements for family members who may be disruptive to this quiet learning environment.  You (and the other students) will learn best if you are able to hear the instructor and focus on the materials being presented.

No.  Orientation is only open to students who have registered and paid for a group class at The Pawsh Dog.

There is no cost to attend orientation if you are enrolled in any group class at The Pawsh Dog.


Dogs must be left at home, or checked in to daycamp during orientation. 

The purpose of orientation is to review academy policies and training theory in a quiet and productive environment.  Having dogs in the room is very distracting. 

Our goal in orientation is to go through the theory portion of our courses with you in an environment that is conducive for YOU to learn, so that when you begin your classes you are ready to begin work with your dog.

We strongly encourage all students to make arrangements to attend an Academy Orientation prior to starting their group class. There are demonstrations and activities done in the session that are significant to your development as a trainer and best learned live. However, if you absolutely can not make it to orientation, please email and request an email copy of the “Academy Orientation Handout”. You will need to read it and complete the exercises on your own before class.

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