Alexandra Froese

Alexandra Froese Daycamp Manager at The Pawsh Dog

Director of Communications

The Pawsh Dog

Alex has been a member of the Pawsh team since Fall 2019 and has since worked her way from daycamp attendant to daycamp management. She loves bringing her creative mind to work with her, often coming up with fun ideas and activities for the dogs in our care both for the enrichment of the pups, and the enjoyment of sending home cute photos to pet parents! 
 Growing up, she would set up jumps and obstacles using various farm equipment in attempts to teach her husky mix some tricks. Her future goals now include attending agility shows with a future furbaby.
 Alex has completed various training programs including TheDogGurus and PackPro, and is always looking for new ways to support her team here at The Pawsh Dog.
When Alex is not at The Pawsh Dog she enjoys creative cosplay which includes costume design, makeup and fantasy photography.