YiShi Qian

Senior Stylist

The Pawsh Dog Taylor & Portage

Yishi brings a world of experience to The Pawsh Dog, as a Senior Stylist,  she is skilled in both cats and dogs. Yishi started as in daycare but once she started working in the pet industry she realized she wanted to be a groomer. From daycare attendant to assistant groomer to senior stylist Yishi’s enthusiasm for grooming shows in everything she does, her grooms reflect experience and professional looks each of her clients pet receives.

Although she has limited hours available for her clients, once she finishes her university degree, she will be available for additional hours. In addition to her past training, she is always looking to improve her skills whether its online or through video training. Yishi loves her career because of her interaction with animals, she is interested in Veterinary medicine and see’s this path in the future.  

Outside of her time at The Pawsh Dog, Yishi is a full time student and when she is not studying, she enjoys spending time with her dog, Pupu (corgi) and one cat, Oreo (short domestic mix) who was adopted in humane society.