Laura McKay

Daycamp Attendant

The Pawsh Dog Portage

Laura joined The Pawsh Dog in May 2019 and has transitioned from a daycare attendant to both client care and daycare over the last year. Laura loves playing interactive games with the dogs and giving them lots of cuddles. She also enjoys the challenge of working with dogs that may have some behavioural issues in daycare, it makes her day when see’s improvement in their behaviour after working with them “because then they’re able to enjoy their time with us more and owners see improvements in their behaviours outside of The Pawsh Dog too”. Laura enjoys making customers happy and will do anything in her power to make their lives easier for them and their pup. What really drew her to the The Pawsh Dog is her love for animals. She always goes above and beyond to make sure dogs are happiest they can possibly be when they are
 under her care. 

Outside of work Laura is currently pursuing her advance education and is working towards becoming a pediatric dental surgeon. She enjoys a very active lifestyle that includes working out early in the morning, playing competitive ringette since 2007, walking, soccer, boxing, track, hockey and flag football (all recreational). She has a beagle named Finnley who has been featured in two children’s books, and knows over 30 commands/tricks before he was a year old!